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upgrade assistance

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hello all !

I need your help for an upgrade ; please apologize I am "very noob" in PHP

1. can I upgrade 2.5.14 to 2.8.5 ?

2. I understand I have to replace my "booked" directory 2.5.14 by "booked" directory 2.8.5
I think I will rename actual booked directory in booked.old
upload the booked 2.8.5 and then copy the config.ini (2.5.14) in new booked directory (2.8.5) /config ? Am I right till there ?

3. I understand I have to execute https://mysite.fr/Web/install/configure.php with an internet browser (I actually use Edge)

4. Then DATABASE :oops: :oops: :oops:
and then I have to execute each sql files in phpmyadmin like this


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