Validation Expression of a custom attributes using text file

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Validation Expression of a custom attributes using text file

Post by arnaudbore »

Dear experts,

Is there a way to give a text file full of validation expressions to validate a custom attribute ?

Thank you in advance for your help

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Re: Validation Expression of a custom attributes using text file

Post by TechCoder »

This (as well as your 'multiple attributes to get a color' question) are more 'advanced' types of things than Booked does (out-of-the-box anyway).

However, with some custom programming (potentially using only plugins - some of the things you need may take some custom core modifications) they certainly can be done. It is very rare (like 0.001% or something.... :) that custom work can't be done to get where you want to go.

It is all a factor of your dreams and priorities - and, of course, your budget! ;)

For this particular one of using a file full of expressions to do a CA validation it sounds like an 'easy-to-moderate' sort of plugin - basically creating a 'shell' that stuffs in your data and runs validations (which you control via a simple text file - no problem....)

We do all sorts of custom work for clients all over the world - you can see a partial 'happy clients' list at and our publicly available plugins and such under the 'Products' link (i.e., we know what we are doing with Booked mods! 8-)

To get a quote on time/cost for the things you want, use the 'Contact' link, describe your specifications and we'll be happy to get you a fast reply. Usually we deliver solutions that solve your 'dreams' within a couple weeks - often within a couple days. is independently owned and operated and provides clients worldwide with Plugins for Booked Scheduler to solve common needs.
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