Cannot make reservations

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Cannot make reservations

Post by samsamsam »

Hi - for some reason, our instance of BookedScheduler will no longer allow us to make reservations. I can see the resource but when I click on the "Create" button, nothing happens. I have tested this as Administrator and a user on Safari (MacOSX), Safari (iOS) and Chrome (Mac OSX). Is this a general issue or something specific to our instance?

This is an urgent issue as none of our users can use the system at the moment.

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Re: Cannot make reservations

Post by TechCoder »

This is not a 'general issue', so you need to look for what is going on in your instance.

It could be several things:

- PHP change (not likely, but it depends on what version you are running, etc....)
- MySQL change (same)
- any plugins you may have installed
- other (and who knows what that might be....)

You need to look at log files, error logs on your server, etc. (basic troubleshooting methods).

It may take you minutes to find it, or could take quite a while, depending on your particular install.

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