Booked scheduler version Unknow error

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Booked scheduler version Unknow error

Post by g_conte »

After installing booked scheduler, and registered the account which took about 20 minutes to complete(default home page is dashboard). My first question after the administrator account has been registered should the admin account be logged in? As I have mentioned above, after it took 20 minutes to complete, I was presented with the log in page. So I enter the correct user name and password for the admin, I am able to log into booked scheduler, but when I tried Resources from the Application Management menu, I am getting Unknown Error Return to the last page that you were on. The same thing happens if I try Bookings, My Calendar or Resource Calendar form the Schedule menu, all other options from the different menus work. My second question is it because the development server I am using has no certificate and is not able to go out of the domain it is set-up? That is what is causing the issue? Could somebody help me with this issue, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you, in advance.

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Re: Booked scheduler version Unknow error

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It sounds to me like you want to check your config file and make sure your path is set correctly and that it ends in /Web. Based on your description, I do not think it is a development server issue.

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Re: Booked scheduler version Unknow error

Post by nesiax »

I suggest you to enable the log4php with a level value: DEBUG.

Look at: ... g.dist.xml

Rename it to log4php.config.xml and adjust your path.

If you are on Linux, then

tail -f where-your-log-is.log # for both files (you have a sql log file and an application log file)

That will log the errors, otherwise is very difficult to realize where they are if you don't enable logging.


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