Add user to group based on email address

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Add user to group based on email address

Post by dowdymc »

I'm wanting to add students to a "Students" group automatically based on their email address. I.e.- Users with email domain "" automatically get put in a group called "Students". Faculty and staff are just ""
Any way to do this, cleanly or otherwise? Thanks!

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Re: Add user to group based on email address

Post by TechCoder »

Sure there is a way - - we did a very similar thing for a university several years ago.

However, it is not an 'out-of-the-box' thing in Booked, it requires a bit of custom software.

I'm happy to discuss creating a mod for you (not clear from your description if you want existing or only new users in the Groups or if you want them exclusive, etc... - just some details need clearing up and we could make this in a couple days).

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