Subscribing to calendars

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Subscribing to calendars

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I'm trying to subscribe to calendars but when I follow these steps:

To subscribe to a Schedule calendar, open Schedule > Resource Calendar and select the schedule you want. On the right side of the page, you will find a link to subscribe to the current calendar. Subscribing the a Resource calendar follows the same steps.

I never see the links on the right. Any ideas?


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Re: Subscribing to calendars

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Step 1
Gear wheel (right upper corner): Application Configuration
In the config.php file, look for ICS subscription.key
Enter here a ‘hard to find’ password
Step 2
Calendar activation: Application Management / Schedule
Scroll down to ‘your calendar’ and look for the setting: “Show to public (RSS, iCalendar, Tablet, Monitor)” and click on it.
Step 3
Select Schedule / My Calendar and the URL should be visible.


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