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hide reservation details

Post by anhnguyen »

I has some Resources and want hide reservation details, not all, just hide by name Resources
Anyone can help me ? Thanks

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Re: hide reservation details

Post by YZone »

An Application Administrator can set some privacy settings:
Gear wheel / Application configuration / look for “Privacy” in the ‘config.php’ file.
Here you have these settings:
hide.user.details: If non-administrators can view personal information about other users. Default is false.
hide.reservation.details: If non-administrators can view reservation details. Options are true, false, past, current, future. Default is false.
Reservation labels can be set here:
Gear wheel / Application Configuration / look in the config.php file for Schedule / “reservation.labels”
Available tokens for reservation labels are {name}, {title}, {description}, {email}, {phone}, {organization}, {position}, {startdate}, {enddate} {resourcename} {participants} {invitees} {reservationAttributes} . Custom attributes can be added using att with the attribute id. For example {att1} Leave it blank for no label. Any combination of tokens can be used.

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