user group access to Resources

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user group access to Resources

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Hi All,
I've setup a new user group A and added Jonh,Dave into this group.
i gave permissions to John,Dave to 20 resources with the tick boxes under Permisssions.
Also gave group roles as Resources Admin, Schedules Admin, Group Admin to John,Dave.
When i logged in as John or Dave, go to Application Management menu, under Resources, I DON'T see any resources at all.
If i loggedin as admin account, go to Application Management menu, under Resources,click on the Group link of a resource, i see the new groupA existed.

Why new users in the group can't see the resources under Application Management menu-> Resources?
Its empty and allow to add new Resource. see attached file.
Is a user only see the resources he/she added?


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Re: user group access to Resources

Post by YZone »


To me, there is a bug in the software. If you create a group with ‘Resource Admin’ rights, then this group will see ONLY the resources they have created themselves, logged in as ‘Resource Admin’. They will NOT see any resources an Application Admin has created previously, even if they got rights to access them.
This problem has been mentioned many years ago in the community, but it seems it still exists.


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