Reservation gets deleted at random time

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Reservation gets deleted at random time

Post by TIE_ »

At my university we use booked scheduler via browser to book learning places in libraries. Example: place XX from 0700-1900
A few weeks ago my reservations started to get deleted at a random times of the day. I know this because another student comes and says he/she booked my place lol. And when I surprised go chek my reservation I see it deleted.

I hope I made my point somewhat understandable :)

Does anybody know if there is something I can do to stop this from happening. It is very annoying.


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Re: Reservation gets deleted at random time

Post by TechCoder »

It is frustrating to show up to a meeting place and find that someone else now has the slot!

Using Booked, there is both good news and bad news about the issue....

GOOD - If your reservation is being deleted, then it _must_ be someone at an Admin level - Booked doesn't allow regular Users to either delete nor change the reservation. This should limit down the 'possible suspects'.

BAD - The problem you see is not uncommon, though not common enough for the folks at Booked to include anything for you to do about it. (there is a 'last modified by' field in the database that may also help, though exactly what action, etc. is very limited).

BEST - We specialize in helping people with such issues - and provide various custom and publicly available solutions with plugins, add-ons, etc. Our TrackIt! plugins tell you exactly who, what, when and where things got added or changed in every reservation. Check out the public offered plugin at - if that doesn't solve the issue, then we can discuss custom solutions (one might be to simply include a "Warning - your changes are logged! Do not modify my reservations!" - - - well, something like that.... :)

To discuss more custom solutions, visit the links below. is independently owned and operated and provides clients worldwide with Plugins for Booked Scheduler to solve common needs.
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