"Must be booked with" relationship query

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"Must be booked with" relationship query

Post by nodrog »

During our phased return to working from the office I am looking to implement office space reservations. We have one overall office resource with a fixed capacity of say 30 people which everyone must book if they attend the office. Within that office there are 4 meeting rooms. I would like to set a restriction on the meeting rooms that they can only be booked if you have booked a space in that office for the day - so that anyone booking a meeting room does not potentially increase the overall office headcount for the day.

So I have set the "Must be booked with" field on each of the meeting rooms and said they must be booked with the Office reservation.
However that seems to be a two way restriction so that if someone reserves a place in the office, it automatically books all 4 meeting rooms at the same time.

Any thoughts on if it is possible to achieve what I am looking to do, and how to do it?


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Re: "Must be booked with" relationship query

Post by TechCoder »

Your rule is, as you have seen, similar to the feature in Booked, though is custom enough that it doesn't quite fit the core one.

The good news is that it isn't difficult to make a custom plugin for doing just what you are looking to do ("You can only book a meeting room IF you have booked a space in the office for the day").

I'm happy to get you a quote on this and any other custom needs you might have. My contact info is below.
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