Create a reservation with a free name for admin

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Create a reservation with a free name for admin

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To see and modify the reservations of a sports club, I use the standard view to reserve: I click on the box corresponding to the resource and the time slot, and I reserve.

Some of the customers call by phone to book and do not use the BookedScheduler booking tool. It's annoying because I would like the administrators to be able to add them in the reservation table of the tool to have an overall view of the reservations.

Currently, to make a reservation, the user must be registered with his email. I would like to be able to allow administrators to create the reservations themselves in the table for those who book by phone with a name of their choice. Like this :


Is it possible ?

At the moment I use the blackout times trick to block time slots for people booking over the phone, but it's not very practical.



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