All users can see My Calendar

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vindinge hallen
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All users can see My Calendar

Post by vindinge hallen »

Hi guys
I'm using Booked Schedulerlike for reservation in a sports hall. As admin i will create all Reservation and resources for a period of one year, with several Blackouts.
As i'm the only one who creates the reservation, it is urgent that all users E.g. Handball, Badminton Gym etc. would be able to see all reserved as well as free times, using My Calendar(My Calendar shared) will this be possible somehow ?
I guess that they will be confused to use the Resource Calendar as all reservations are displayed with my name instead of the Resource type.

Søren Stenlund

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Re: All users can see My Calendar

Post by iStrikervZ »

I am also looking for a solution to all users can see MyCalendar.

But a fix for people seeing your name instead of the resource type is you or whoever is managing the website go into application configuration
and scroll down to where it says reservation.labels and change the reservation.calendar from {name} to either {title} or {resourcename} depending on what you want to change.
There are other values you can use as well.

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