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hello Community,

we plan to setup our booked-system for a variety of different ressources.

i.e. workshops, laboratories, rooms, instruments, tools, vehicles.

Q 1: Given you have a lab with a variety of instruments in it. Is it possible to set up the system, so that each instrument is seperately bookable, but once the whole lab is booked, each intrument in it gets blocked or serves as an accessory to the lab?

Q 2: Given that in some cases items must be lend to a patron like books in a library. We wish to have a system that updates a reservation, when the Resource Manager Scans the QR-Code of an item i.e. a tripod, with the camera of his mobile phone with a client of booked on it. The idea is obviously to simplify the process of lending things and having it documented at the same time. So here is the question - is it possible and if so, how to implement such funtionality?

Thank you for answers!

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