Reserve time blocks for students

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Reserve time blocks for students

Post by dowdymc »

We need a bit of a strange arrangement here and I was wondering if anyone had a similar need and was able to solve it.

We are trying to allow professors to reserve a space for a block of time. Then within that time, the students should be able to reserve a chunk of time, up to five total students per block. The students should not be able to reserve that space as a whole, but the blocks of time within the larger reservation
For instance, Professor Alpha reserves room 100 for three hours, from 9AM-12PM. Blocks of 30 minutes should be available to reserve by students. Only five students should be able to reserve at a time. So from 9-9:30, there are up to five students, 9:30-10 there are up to five students, etc. Room 100 shouldn't be available to students but the blocks of time should be available.

Does that make sense? Is this possible? Anyone else been able to accomplish this before? Thanks in advance, folks!

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Re: Reserve time blocks for students

Post by angelcatanoflores »

Not the most useful/embedded solution, but we've done similar things with the workaround of the student's bookings being made through google sheets or other online solutions.

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Re: Reserve time blocks for students

Post by TechCoder »

Another workaround (sort of) that is an 'embedded' solution is to use 6 Resources for doing this (as you have only 5 student slots, this might work OK, but if you had 50, it would be a total mess!)

"Room X" is the Resource that the teacher can reserve (students can see, but not reserve) - - - as a side note, you might want to put each "Room X" as its own Schedule to make it easier to see within Booked (not part of this 'fix' and it may not be the best for your situation, but an idea...)

"Room X Slot 1" (and duplicated for the student slots) are where students can reserve. They look at the "Room X" bookings and see there are slots, then reserve that themselves.

That, in itself, should work 'out-of-the-box' in Booked, but it is still wide open for abuse/misuse (students coming in and reserving times before the teachers, etc...), though a moderately simple PreReservation plugin can do some checks-n-balances to make sure "Room X" is actually reserved at that time or block the student reservation attempt. You'd also probably want to check that the student only reserves one slot of the "Room X" slot (sort of like what our Simultaneous Reservation Limiter does, but with more tight checks).

Off the top of my head that sounds like it should do it - everything else should be internal to what Booked does now (30 min slots, limit the teacher to three hours {you didn't say that, but that sort of stuff is in Booked....}), though in practice (and actually writing things down like a specification of what you expect to happen - I suggest doing what a mentor once told me 'write down, step-by-step, like telling a 3-year old' - something like "as a Teacher, I want to click X,Y,Z and have A,B,C happen" - a real step-by-step usually brings out some "oh, I hadn't thought of that" things) you might find some other rules you would want to put in there.

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