Edit New User Registration Fields?

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Edit New User Registration Fields?

Post by dizbiz »


How do you edit the user registration page fields? I want to make phone number required, and remove the Position field. I can't seem to figure out how to do that and can't find any documentation on it. Any ideas?

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Re: Edit New User Registration Fields?

Post by phale »

I am also trying to edit the organisation and occupation fields out. Please let me know if you were successful.

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Re: Edit New User Registration Fields?

Post by TechCoder »

There are multiple 'I want to' things here - though they may sound similar (and in many ways, they are) Booked has different ways to go about getting what you want for these requests.

Plugins can so some of it:
Authentication plugins can allow/deny users the ability to change some profile stuff
PostRegistration can check if things were filled in like you want (requiring fields, etc. can then deny the user access to the system - maybe make them required to be approved by Admin, etc......)

Then there are the tpl files (which is where many people go to make changes as they are 'almost' like HTML, though they aren't as "easy" as many think...) - there are ways to make things required and not displayed (basically the requests you have here) though you have to be very careful to not just 'hack' it as you might with HTML, Booked will allow some changes, while others will break the system and can cause problems on pages you don't even think could be affected. Sometimes a change you want to make in the tpl files will require modifying various classes that send info to them - and with Booked being a "classes for the sake of making more classes" sort of program (some people like that, which is fine programming, but tough to reverse!) there are times you might have to make changes to as many as 5-10 classes to 'reverse' or certainly to 'add' something.

And, when you make changes to one place (like both of you have talked about 'User Registration') you have to be sure to do similar things to other places where those things might appear (for instance, 'Position'/'occupation' seems the same in both posts - and that appears in the Profile as well)

So, it isn't as simple as one might think, but certainly can be done.

Good luck - and if you need help, my contact info is below.....
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