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Participation / Groupmember / Report

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Hello guys,

at first thanks to all that are going to programming this wonderful tool in future. Well we are using this booking to organize our sports club. First we used it in our dance sport department to organize the room booking for practices, but due to corona the complete sports club and its department should use this tool. But now we are facing some problems and maybe someone is able to help me solving this problems.

1. We have a schedule for our dance sport room and we setup 4 resources, 1 resource for professional group practice, 1 resource for hobby group practice, 1 resource professional single practice and 1 for single hobby practice. Our members are organized in several groups fitting their level. Th problem is now that we have three states of the resource , not visible, only visible and full access. We have granted full access to our coaches, so that they can book the resource. Our normal members can see all resources and can participate, but we want that any member can see the booked times but only defined group members should be able to participate a booking. So it would be nice if it is possible or when their is a logical workaround, that you can define groups that are allowed to join the booking on their own.

For example: The professional A Class with 12 member is allowed to see all booking but they only can join the professional resource booking and the not hobby resource.

2. Due to some regulations we need the full information of the participants in the report. Now we only get the names, but we also need the other fields also custom fields inf the report.

Maybe some is able to help us to solve these two problems.

best wishes


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