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Booked 2.5.15

Post by keithdes »

Good afternoon,

For a few years right up to the Pandemic, we have been using Booked scheduler 2.5.15. Its all configured on our server and on a hosted SQL database.

It all been running perfectly up until the pandemic where we stopped using it as we were using it for Device bookings. (We were no longer sharing devices until now)

I have changed the look and feel of our booking system and was about to roll it out so staff can start booking devices again, however staff seem to just have restricted access to bookings. As an Admin, i can book slots but everyone else is restricted. Please see attached image.

Can someone please advice/help?

it all seems to work ok, its just the booking slots.

Thanks Keith

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Re: Booked 2.5.15

Post by alfredwong »


this should be related to access rights of the rooms (schedules in the previous setup).

Most likely you have removed the access rights to your previous schedules (for rooms) before.
Please check if you have granted access (either by group or per user) to the rooms.
or check if they are added back to the group(s) with the correct access per room.

<I am just an ordinary user and admin>

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